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Essays on the Craft of Manual Care

The Third edition of "Shallow Dive" is now available.

"Great reading and great reflection."
Stanley Paris, Ph.D., P.T.
"Finally, a book that speaks to the heart and spirit of the therapist."
Rebecca Stephenson, P.T.
"Should be on the required reading list for students and experienced practitioners alike. His footnotes and references are priceless."
Joseph Kahn, Ph.D., P.T.
"If you deliver manual care, this book will be a favorite in your library."
Diane Lee, P.T.
READ-> "The overall effect is that of intellect and compassion."
South African Journal of Physiotherapy
READ-> "Gives you a fuller sense of the practice of physical therapy, and of the poetry of this practice."
Somatics; The Magazine/Journal of the Bodily Arts and Sciences
READ-> "Offers an alternative of another deeper but gentle approach."
British Journal of Physiotherapy
READ-> "Shallow Dive courts the soul."
The Museletter of The National Association for Poetry Therapy

To order "Shallow Dive" send me this Order Form.

The book's retail cost is $30.00 plus handling.

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