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Links to Other Interesting Sites

Juggling - I am, as far as I know, the only physical therapist who juggles three bowling balls. I also wrote a series of essays for Juggler's World Magazine which you can find by following the links. This world would be a better place if there were more jugglers in it.

Dr. Jay's Web Site - The site, maintained by Jay Schleichkorn, Ph.D., PT, of Longwood, FL., emphasizes book reports of publications authored/edited, co-authored, co-edited, etc., by physical therapy practitioners. Also included, news of publications related to rehabilitation, recognition of therapists contributing to the professional literature, and links of interest to therapists.

Physical Therapist Online - An excellent resource for a variety of topics in therapy.

A + PT Exam Prep - Help with passing your exam

Jonathan Smith's Home Page - This is a wonderful resource for more information on Feldenkrais and the martial art of Aikido.

Therapy Student Journal - An excellent resource for students and anyone else surfing for healthcare links.

Swodeam Consulting - Jim Meadows, P.T.

Charlie Kornberg's Website - An excellent resource for clinicians. Charlie is a highly regarded teacher, and has done some excellent research on neural tension.

TheraNet - A resource for PTs, OTs and SLPs. Dialogue and Services.

Florida International University - Physical Therapy - A wonderful resource for additional links.

Ralph Strauch's Somatic Options/Feldenkrais - This website provides information about the FELDENKRAIS Method, Tai Chi, his book THE REALITY ILLUSION, using awareness to avoid RSI, and a movement lesson you can do at your computer.

PT - The Web Space

Performing Arts Physical Therapy - Excellent resources for this connection between therapy and creative activity.

Physiotherapy Global - Links

Physiotherapy on the Web

American Physical Therapy Association

Health Careers Online